Primary 5 Intermediate

Primary 5 Intermediate covers various problem solving strategies together with many standard topics of Math Olympiad curriculum for Primary 5.

Primary 5 Intermediate is 8 lessons Maths Olympiad Training designed by SIMCC Team to embark students on various Maths Contests. Each lesson is conducted by the discussion of each topic followed by a comprehensive set of related practice problems.


  1. Spatial Visualization
  2. Logic
  3. Advanced Counting Techniques
  4. Percentage
  5. Speed Time Distance
  6. Advanced Patterns
  7. Experimenting
  8. Number Logic



Class CodeWhenDateTimeCost
17C006Every Thursday2,9,16,23 Feb, 2,9,16,30 Mar6.45pm to 8.30pm$350
17C013Every Saturday4,11,18,25 Feb, 4,11,18 Mar, 1 Apr3pm to 4.45pm$350