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SIMCC instructors have been preparing Singapore students for various math contests (math olympiads) (NMOS, ACSI, RIWMPC, SMOPS, …). Based on our vast experience in conducting math olympiad and math enrichment workshops coupled with organisation of math contests of different difficulty levels, we have developed rigorous and complete curriculum for Primary & Secondary math contests and olympiads.

Semester 1, 2018 Regular Classes

Math Olympiad & GEP Classes>>
Hands-On Science & Bebras Computational Thinking>>

November, December School Holidays Workshops:

Math Magic, Olympiad and GEP

Math Magic, Math Olympiad and Primary 2 GEP preparation classes

Computational Thinking and Memory Skills

Bebras Computational Thinking and Memory and Creative Learning Skills classes

Hands-On Science

Science program which covers MOE’s 5 themes – Energy, Interactions, Cycles, Systems, and Diversity.