SIMCC instructors have been preparing Singapore students for various math contests (math olympiads) (NMOS, ACSI, RIWMPC, SMOPS, …). Based on our vast experience in conducting math olympiad and math enrichment workshops coupled with organisation of math contests of different difficulty levels, we have developed rigorous and complete curriculum for Primary & Secondary math contests and olympiads.

SIMCC has been opening more international academic competition opportunities for students worldwide over the past few years. We have opened up exciting opportunities in Computational Thinking, Informatics, Science and Memory. We are now pleased to introduce our new workshops and contests in Vanda International Science competition, Computational Thinking Informatics competition and Asia Junior Memory Championship.

SIMCC 2019 Term 1 and 2 schedules

Term 1 and 2 classes are great to spark students’ interest in Maths, Science, Computation thinking and memory. Students learn new techniques, solve problems with friends, and play educational games to enhance their higher order thinking skills while preparing to take their first contests.

Winners go on to compete at international competitions like SIMOC, IJMO, Joaquim and SINGA. High achievers who have won 3 or more awards will be inducted into the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) in August 2019 and gain additional awards to boast selection into DSA for Top Schools. Top students will also be awarded scholarships to our International Scholastic Trust’s Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA).