SIMCC instructors have been preparing Singapore students for various math contests (math olympiads) (NMOS, ACSI, RIWMPC, SMOPS, …). Based on our vast experience in conducting math olympiad and math enrichment workshops coupled with organisation of math contests of different difficulty levels, we have developed rigorous and complete curriculum for Primary & Secondary math contests and olympiads.

September Holidays Workshop

September School Holiday Workshop is 4 sessions (3 hours per session) intensive Math Olympiad Training designed by SIMCC Team to prepare students for American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO 2018).

Semester 2 Classes

Math Olympiad classes

Science classes

Memory training classes

Memory Workshop

Memory workshop by Jonathan Hancock, the Founder of The Junior Memory Championship (JMC). He is a two-time Guinness World Record-Holder and former World Memory Champion.