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Dear Parents and students interested in Math Competitions,

We recently revamped our training workshops. We will be modelling our training workshops after our successful competitions.

We are lowering our training prices to normal tuition rates and we will donate 5% of our training revenues to offer scholarships. Plus, our
certified trainers can train your child in the comfort of your home, and these students will also qualify for our scholarships.


  • At our learning centres (Goldhill and Bright Centre- Telok Kurau Lor L) and home tuition: New programs offering scholarships for our learning centre and home tuition students to compete in Global competitions (all expenses paid, package, contest fee, plus training, no airfare) for Top contest winners and most improved students.
  • Plus they can be invited to join the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) and Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA), 5 days, 4 nights leadership camp, all expenses paid, except airfare)
  • Over 30 highly qualified trainers, including many ex MOE teachers, working with us. They are led by Merlan Nagidulin, our Head of the Scientific Committee for all of our 8 math competitions and Gold medalist of 2 Kazakhstan Mathematics Olympiad, International Math Olympiad (IMO) Bronze medalist in Slovenia 2006. He won a scholarship to read Mathematics from NUS. He has been working with SIMCC for over 8 years and is a major
    contributor to our growth.

How to JOIN our classes:

All students must QUALIFY to join our new classes:

Can join by presenting SASMO, SMKC, AMO, SIMOC, IJMO results
1. Senior Track = Silver Award and Above or IJMO and SIMOC Individual = Bronze
= ICAS Math – High Distinction
2. Junior Track = Bronze award or ICAS Math = Distinction

No awards >> Take Assessment Test ($10 fee) = Senior or Junior Track or cannot join our classes as foundation is not strong enough. If there are enough students, we may open a Beginner Track.

2 training tracks delivered via Learning centre and private tuition
• Primary 2 to Secondary 2 students in JUNIOR Track will be prepared for SASMO, SMKC, DOKA, AMO, AMC, ICAS
• Primary 3 to Secondary 2 students in the SENIOR Track will be prepared for SASMO, AMO, VTMO plus NMOS, RIWPMC, SMOPS, SMO

How much is your training?

We offer 2 types of training (same content and same price)
1. Holiday courses = 4 days x 3 hours = 12 hours (which is our 2019 Year End School Holidays Workshop)
2. Weekly classes = 8 weekly lessons x 1 hr 45 min = 14 hours (which is our SIMCC Regular classes 2020)

Each is $280 or $500 when you sign up for both together. (Previously, we were charging over $1000).  Now each class is about $31 or about $125 per month.

If you sign up for 1 and then next term sign up for another, price = $280 x 2 = $560, We WILL NOT GIVE DISCOUNTS. SO, please do not ask. This is a very low cost non-profit model.  This model is effective when you join 2 blocks of classes. Either Option 1 x 2, or Option 2 x 2 or combine Option 1 and 2.


When you come for your first lesson, just show our staff the 2 successfully registered emails that you have received.  We will refund you $60 accordingly.


We will train your children year-round for all local contests – NUS HIGH School’s NMOS, Hwa Chong’s SMOPS, Raffles Institution’s RIWPMC, Singapore Math Society’s SMO and other competitions. This will be done in our Senior Track class. But to do well in these local competitions, you need to attend classes on a regular basis (1 to 3 years) to do well.

How to register for our Private Tuition Lessons?
First register for our single trial lesson and we will send you our trainer’s profiles for you to choose your trainer. After the trial lesson, if you are satisfied with the trainer you chose, you can then register for the remaining 7 lessons. If not, you can register for another trial lesson with another trainer until you are satisfied.

We offer Private Tuition for:

Tuition ratesGrades1 Hour90 Mins2 Hours
Single Trial lessonPrimary 2 Junior, 3 Junior & Senior and 4 Junior$88.40$115.00$135.20
Remaining 7 lessonsPrimary 2 Junior, 3 Junior & Senior and 4 Junior$618.80$805.00$946.40
Single Trial lessonPrimary 4 Senior, 5 and 6 Junior & Senior$104.00$135.00$166.40
Remaining 7 lessonsPrimary 4 Senior, 5 and 6 Junior & Senior$728.00$945.00$1164.80
Single Trial lessonSecondary 1 and 2 Junior & Senior$124.80$165.00$208.00
Remaining 7 lessonsSecondary 1 and 2 Junior & Senior$873.60$1155.00$1456.00
Register for Private Tuition Trial Lesson Here
Register for Private Tuition Lesson Here

Helping NEEDY FAMILIES with Talent

I was once poor. But I had many mentors who guided me to where I am today. And my team is here to help many others.
If you have friends with talented children, REACH OUT TO THEM and Get them to contact me. We are prepared to give needy students (with FAS) a chance to train with us for free, take contests for free and they will also qualify for our scholarships. We will help to uplift their lives just like the many children and parents we have assisted in over 21 countries.

Please call me via what’s app at 9067 2766 or Merlan at 9746 6181 to answer any queries you may have.