Frequently Asked Questions for January to May Workshops

Dear parents and students interested in math competitions,

We have recently revamped our training workshops as we modelled them after our successful competitions.

We are lowering our training prices to normal tuition rates and we will donate 5% of our training revenues to offer scholarships. Plus, our certified trainers can train your child in the comfort of your home, and these students will also qualify for our scholarships.


  • At our learning centres (Goldhill Centre - Novena ) and home tuition: New programs offering scholarships for our learning centre and home tuition students to compete in Global Competitions (all expenses paid, package, contest fee, plus training, no airfare) for top contest winners and most improved students.
  • Plus, they can be invited to join the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) and Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) - a 5 days, 4 nights leadership camp, all expenses paid, except airfare)
  • Over 30 highly qualified trainers, including many ex-MOE teachers are working with us. They are led by Merlan Nagidulin, our Head of the Scientific Committee for all of our math competitions and Gold medalist of 2 Kazakhstan Mathematics Olympiad, International Math Olympiad (IMO) Bronze medalist in Slovenia 2006. He won a scholarship for Mathematics from NUS. He has been working with SIMCC for over 8 years and is a major contributor to our growth.

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Online Training Lessons

Online lessons conducted by experienced instructors in a class of size to a maximum of 10 students.

Private Tuition Lessons

One-to-one lessons conducted by experienced instructors at the convenience of your home. With private lessons, SIMCC will work around your schedule and find a time that works for both parties. A student will receive the teacher’s full attention for the entirety of their lesson. The private lessons will allow your child to work at his or her own pace. If your child tends to learn at a slower or faster pace, the lessons will be tailored to the unique needs and learning style of your child.

Trainer's Profile

Math Olympiad Trainers – Our trainers are SIMCC certified Math Olympiad Trainers who prepare students to compete in Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO), Singapore Math Olympiad (SMO), National Math Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS), Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) and Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest ( RIPMWC). 

We have trained many students in schools and at our Singapore International Mastery Contests Centre to win awards from the above top schools' competitions as well as overseas international competitions like International Junior Math Olympiad (IJMO), World Mathematics Team Championships (WMTC) and Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC).

Merlan Nagidulin

Mr Merlan Nagidulin graduated with a Honours in Mathematical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University. He won 2 gold medals in Kazakhstan National Math Olympiad and was awarded a bronze medal in the most prestigious international math competition “International Math Olympiad” (Slovenia 2006).

Since young, Mr. Merlan has developed a strong passion in teaching and has been tutoring during high school and university days.  He has been in Singapore for 5 years.

 Mr.  Merlan is able to motivate his students and make them feel comfortable with the lessons. He cultivates his students’ interest in Mathematics by constantly engaging them to participate actively in the lessons. He believes that math is an important foundation subject for all students, and hence he does his utmost to help the students do well in math, by explaining important basic concepts to have a deeper understanding of the lessons. 

Henry Ong

Henry Ong has held top management positions for a Fortune 100 MNC in a wide range of functions around the world. He graduated with High Honours, Bachelor of Science – Finance, is a Certified Management Accountant and completed his MBA in International Business through a University Presidential Fellowship. He left the corporate world in 1996 to start Noble, which is now a leader in distributing IQ games and puzzles as well as organizing thinking competitions. He was invited by Teachers’ Network to train teachers on how to help students develop thinking skills through games and puzzles. He was also invited to set-up the largest display of puzzles for the 1st World Maths Day at NIE. He pioneered the set-up of puzzle corners, thinking carnivals and puzzle kits for teachers to use in the classroom. He also co-developed the puzzle making class – “From trash to puzzles, Treasures to tease your mind” and has taught classes on puzzle design. He is a Puzzle Master and has designed several puzzles.

Henry was also invited by the GEP Programme to run a Math Magic workshop at the Talent Development Institute for High Ability students.  For the past few years, he also runs a puzzle challenge for the GEP Master Maths Class as well as the Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad competition. 

Ryan Ler Yu Ping

Ryan has a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and has 4 years of Math Olympiad and Singapore Math experience.  He is familiar with SASMO, SIMOC and a new competition we will be introducing, Depth of Knowledge Assessment (DOKA).  He is loved by students and highly appreciated by parents and students.

Roy Ong

Roy Ong earned his Bachelor in Accountancy with NUS and he is the owner of Ideaustry Training and Consultancy that conducts management training for SMEs.  He has been conducting Math Olympiad training in Secondary and Primary schools for the past 4 years.

Kelvin Choo

Kelvin graduated with a BSc (math) from Open University and had been a MOE math teacher for 18 years. He was in charge of the Math Olympiad programme as a teacher for Maris Stella High School (Primary).  He has been teaching and training Math Olympiad for 2 years with SIMCC. 

Shellen Chai Li Chen

Shellen has 8 years of experience teaching in primary levels for English, Math and Science as a private tutor.

Shellen is  dedicated and teaches Math Olympiad and Math Spatial Visualisations focusing mainly from lower to upper primary levels. Shellen also uses magic and memory tricks during lessons to build children’s observations and mathematical skills. Her years of Math Olympiad related teaching involving using fun and engaging manipulative math tools and IQ games, has helped children to gain interest in learning, widen and deepen their reasoning, analytical, problem-solving as well as visualisation skills.

Frequently Asked Questions


"As a rookie, he attended training in SIMCC and coached by Mr Merlan. Mr Merlan is enthusiastic and ensures that the kids understand the topic and are able to attempt the questions. My son smiles from ear to ear every lesson. Mr Merlan helps my son achieve several local and overseas award. He was inducted into IJHS in the same year."

Caden's Mom

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"The classes were very informative and sometimes the instructors even gave the kids additional problems if they finished ahead in time. They made sure everyone in the zoom session understands the concepts."


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"My kid likes the training program itself and also the trainer who is very humorous. The teaching style makes math not as tedious and inspires my kid. He enjoys the study experience which feels like meeting new friends and cant wait for class every week."

Xiong Chunxi

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"Ryan enjoyed solving the questions and learnt from the various strategies taught by his instructor. He mentioned that the explanations were clear and easy to understand."

Ang Tze Yin

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"My son has been following SIMCC training class for Grade 2 SASMO contest for the past few months. He really enjoys the class and wanted us to enroll in the next term. The program is well structured with different topics/methods for solving Maths problems (eg. using models, etc). Despite COVID-19 circuit breaker, everything was smooth and handled well with great communications and follow up with parents."


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"She enjoyed the lesson from Merlan very much and will try her best for every question ever since she joined SIMCC. The worksheets prepared by SIMCC are designed for the Math Olympiad competition and she has never been exposed to such questions from the school."

"Due to COVID 19, online lessons had been conducted and Mr Merlan also took the effort to give Cheryl replacement lessons of those where she missed. The online lesson is interactive and i feel that it is organized and effective with clear explanation given by him."

Cheryl's Mom

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"My son Shourya was happy with his lesson. He said it was a little challenging but he enjoyed it."