Tableau SIMCC View Guide

  1. Select Competitions to Drill into
  2. Filter and Highlight Tools to help narrow searches if necessary
  3. Tableau Help tools
    1. Back Button
    2. Redo Button
    3. Reset Button (*Please only use it on the first page, or you can choose to just refresh the page )
    4. Share Button
    5. Download Button
    6. Full Screen Button

  1. Total Number of Students who join the competition, click to view the full student list
  2. Graph showing number of participants vs awardees in schools, can be clicked to drill in
  3. Breakdown of Answers of Topics which is further broken down by grades
  4. School Awards Comparison
  5. Filter bar to narrow down searches, can be used find an individual school or check to compare certain schools.

  1. When arriving on view like these, you can download it as an excel via the download button on the right
  2. Then click on Crosstab for Excel

  1. Clicking on any element on this page brings the user to students list page of students who answered the particular way, question or school depending on what the user clicks on.

  1. Clicking on a particular student from this student list will drill into that particular student
  2. The Student Comparison By Topic graph will only be filled up when using the filter on the right. Checking multiple students will allow the user to compare the student based on each selected topic.

  1. This is the student’s individual report page, these page does not have any interactions.

  1. Clicking on any element on this page will bring the user to the student comparison page stated above, with the students which is