2020 Private Tuition Trial Lesson

On which days and what time do you provide private tuition?
Give us a call or WhatsApp message at +65 8733 8003 to discuss your preferred day and timing. Afterwards, SIMCC will check whether it has any available trainers for your preferred day and time.

Where are the lessons conducted?
Lesson are conducted in your home.

How much is the lesson and how do I pay?
Once the days have been confirmed by both parties, a parent will pay by Debit/Credit card for 1 trial lesson on the SIMCC website link. If a parent is satisfied with the training, he/she will pay for the remaining 7 lessons.

My child does not have enough experience in math competitions. Will this workshop benefit him?
SIMCC workshop will guide your child on the foundation of general math olympiad. Your child will finish the course with an improved understanding of what it takes to solve math olympiad questions.

Which track (Junior or Senior) will my child be taught?
If your child won Silver or Gold in a math competition in Singapore, then he/she will be taught Senior Track. If you
If your child won Bronze in a math competition in Singapore, then he/she will be taught Junior Track.
Otherwise, your child has to sit for an assessment test.

What to bring for the workshop?
Notes will be provided on each day of the workshop. Students will just need to bring stationeries.

What will be covered during these 8 lessons?
The student will be taught 8 Important topics which are covered in
• SASMO, SMKC for Junior Track
Each topic is designed to improve student’s pattern-recognition, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Are the 8 lessons enough to prepare them for a competition?
Various factors affect student’s performance in any competition. One of the important ones is well-guided preparation. Twelve hours of intensive training workshop specially designed to prepare students for various contests will increase the student’s chance of getting a higher score in the competition.

Who are the teachers for the classes?
SIMCC experienced instructors have been preparing Singapore students for various math contests. They also have years of experience in conducting math Olympiad training in Singapore and overseas schools.

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