2020 Online Lesson

My child does not have enough experience in math competitions.  How will this workshop benefit him/her?

SIMCC workshop will guide your child on the foundation of general math olympiad.  Your child will finish the course with an improved understanding of what it takes to solve math olympiad questions.

How will the online lessons be conducted?

Lesson notes will be sent at least one day prior to the lesson. Virtual classes will be conducted over Zoom video application.

What to prepare for the lesson?

Lesson notes will be sent at least one day prior to the lesson. Students must download and print the notes.

What will be covered during these 10 lessons?

Student will be taught 10 important topics which are covered in

  • SASMO, AMC, AMO, and other competitions

Each topic is designed to improve student’s pattern-recognition, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Are these 10 lessons enough to prepare them for a competition?

Various factors affect student’s performance in any competition. One of the important factors is well-guided preparation. 10 lessons of intensive training workshop are specially designed to prepare students for math olympiad, which will increase the student’s chance of getting a higher score in the competition, DSA or selection tests.

Who are the teachers for the classes?

SIMCC's experienced instructors have been preparing Singapore students for various math contests. They also have years of experience in conducting math olympiad training in Singapore and overseas schools.

How big is the class?

To provide our students with a conducive learning environment, we will limit the class size to a maximum of 10 students.