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February - December


Mini Mustang Math Tournament (3MT)

February 4, 2023- (SG School Candidate)

The Mini Mustang Math Tournament (3MT) is an online middle school contest created by the Tournament Directors of Stanford Math Tournament (SMT), Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT), and John Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT) along with experienced high school and college students, designed to get participants excited about working together on math problems.

Open for students from Grade 04 (Primary 4) to Grade 08 (Secondary 2)

Online Globally




February 25, 2023


SINGAPORE MATH GLOBAL FINALS is open to all top 40% winners of SMC 2022, SASMO 2022 and AMO 2022

Open for students from K2 (Kindergarten 2) to Grade 10 (Secondary 4).


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SASMO 2023


March 20 to April 10, 2023 - (SG School Candidate)

March 25/26, 2023 - (SG Private Candidate)

Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) is one of the largest math contest in Asia. Gold awardees qualify for points needed for IJHS Induction. Gold/Silver/Bronze awardees are invited to participate in SIMOC and Gold/Silver award winners are invited to participate in IJMO.

Open for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College).

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SMKC 2023


Apr 10 - Apr 20, 2023 - (SG School Candidate)

Apr 15/16,2023 - (SG Private Candidate)

Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest (SMKC) is an international mathematical competition with more than 95 countries. The key Competence tested by the Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas. SMKC Contest content is like Singapore's Mathematics Curriculum. Problems require creativity, logical, thinking and challenge students to look at problems from a different perspective.

Open for Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College) for Singapore Students ONLY.

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mini Math Tournament at Berkeley (BmMT) (2023)

June 3, 2023

BmMT is open to middle school students in grades 8 or below. In particular, there is no lower age limit to compete in BmMT; advanced elementary students are welcome to compete. Coaches can register up to 5 students per team. There are no restrictions on how many teams/students a single coach can register. All students outside of USA, Canada, and China, can register for BmMT with SIMCC.

Open for students Grade 08 (Secondary 2) or below

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SIAT 2023


May 30, 2023 - (SG School Candidate)

May 7, 2023- (SG Private Candidate)

The event is organized by the Singapore International Children's Media (SICM) under the auspices of the International Ministry of Youth Leadership (SINGAPORE), co-organized by the Federation of Arts Society Singapore (FASS) and the Youth Century International Arts Education Centre (YCAC), an international youth art competition that will bring together more than 100 international institutions and 200 leading artists from over 40 countries around the world. SIMCC and Scholastic Trust Singapore is Co-organizer to include SIAT in STEAM AHEAD Global Finals Academic Competitions.

Open for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College).

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DrCT (2023)


May 29 - July 14, 2023 - (SG School Candidate)

May 27, 2023 - (SG Private Candidate)

Design Thinking with Robotics and Computational Thinking International Competition (DrCT) will get students to improve in Coding and Programming and help them to prepare for the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), the highest national contest for Informatics in all countries before the best 4 students are selected to represent their country for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

Open for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College).

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SIMOC Global Finals (2023)

will be held in Singapore

July 22 - 25, 2023

Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) is the brainchild of SIMCC. After organizing the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) for a decade and attending various international math contests, along with the experience of running Math Master Mind and Mind Sports contests in Singapore for more than 17 years, SIMCC decided to incorporate these into a new international contest that would let students experience the thrill of math games along with the challenge of solving puzzles.

Event date: Jul 22 to Jul 25
Open for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College). -, for those who achieved Gold/Silver/Bronze in AMO 2022, SMKC 2023, or SASMO 2023
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VANDA Local International (2023)

May 8 - July 7, 2023

(SG School Candidate)

June 24/25, 2023

(SG Private Candidate)

VANDA is and International Science Competition held annually around the globe. It follows the  Singapore School Science Syllabus with a focus on higher order thinking skills. Science Questions in the competition have a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and methodology which include the development of reasoning and analytical skills, decision, and problem-solving skills, flexible to respond to different context and possessing an open and inquiring mind that is willing to explore new territories and learn new things which are aligned to the desired 21st century competencies.
Open for Grade 03 (Primary 3) to Grade 11 (Junior College 1).
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AMC (2023)

August 5, 2023- (SG Private Candidate)

We believe every student should have the chance to discover their full potential in mathematical problem solving, in a way that is approachable, interesting, challenging, and creative.

Our vision is to develop a nation of creative problem solvers, and we believe that enjoying the challenge of maths is the most effective way to get students there.

Open for students from Grade 03 (Primary 3) to Junior College 2.
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MMT Global Finals (2023)

August 12, 2023

Mustang Math is a nonprofit organization of high school and college volunteers that are dedicated towards providing middle schoolers access to challenging, interesting, fun, and collaborative math competitions and resources! We are the organizers of the annual Mustang Math Tournament and we are also working on many new and exciting projects including a community Discord server, a YouTube channel, a training platform, and more! Having reached over 700 U.S. competitors in our first three years, plus an expected 500 more in our international tournament, we are excited to expand our team to offer our events to even more mathematically inclined students.

Open for students from Grade 04 (Primary 4) to Grade 08 (Secondary 2)

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SMC  (2023)

August 7 to September 17,2023 (SG School Candidate)

August 26/27, 2023- (SG Private Candidate)

This is a new international Singapore Mathematics assessment for K2 to Grade 11/12 written by top Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers that will offered to every country in the world. Singapore Math is taught in over 70 countries globally and SINGA MATH will be the standard to measure students and inform parents and teachers with valuable formative and summative assessment data for them to improve teaching and learning.
We have partnered Scholastic Trust Singapore Teachers’ Institute (STTI) to bring you SINGA MATH as well as training for teachers on how to use Formative and Summative Assessment data to diagnose students’ misconceptions about mathematics and plan lessons to correct these misconceptions.

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AMO  (2023)

October 16 to November 5, 2023

(SG School Candidate)

October 28/29, 2023

(SG Private Candidate)

American Math Olympiad (AMO) is an international math competition for elementary, middle and high school students jointly organised by SIMCC and Southern Illinois University (SIU). It promotes the importance and a deeper understanding of math. AMO is open to all Grade 2 to 12 students and its framework is based on The US Common Core Standards. A group of the best educators from Southern Illinois University with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the Common Core Math curriculum design unique papers to challenge the student and at the same time promote their interest in math. Some of the distinguished benefits (or The key benefits) of AMO are university scholarships, Global Scholars Program, International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) membership, tuition grants and internships.

Open for students from Grade 02 (Primary 2) to Junior College 2

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BEBRAS (2023)

October 16 to November 10, 2023
(SG School Candidate)
November 4, 2023
(SG Private Candidate)

BEBRAS is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students at all ages. Participants are usually supervised by teachers who may integrate the BEBRAS challenge in their teaching activities. The challenge is performed at schools using computers or mobile devices.
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Will be held in Bali

Dec 7 to Dec 11, 2023

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering/Entrepreneurship, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM AHEAD is our initiative to combine our international academic competitions to educate students and bring them international exposure about possible career choices in these fields.
IJMO open for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College) - who achieved Gold/Silver in SASMO, SMKC 2023 and AMO 2022 or Gold/Silver/Bronze in SIMOC 2023
VANDA Global Final open for students from Grade 03 (Primary 3) to Grade 11 (Junior College 1) - who achieved Gold/Silver/Bronze in VANDA Local International 2023
DRCT Global Final open for students for students from Grade 01 (Primary 1) to Grade 11/12 (Junior College) - who achieved Gold/Silver/Bronze in DrCT Local International 2023

YALA (2023)

The Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) is a 5 days 4 nights* leadership and personal development workshop conducted by Scholastic Trust (Singapore) Limited (STS). YALA is an academic leadership motivational camp for Primary 4 to Junior College 2 (Grades 4 to 12) students specially designed to cater to top students in their pursuit to reach their highest academic goals, such as cracking the admission process to the top schools of the country. At the same time, it provides students with the opportunities to learn and apply leadership roles and to contribute to the society in meaningful ways.
Open for students from Grade 04 to Grade 12
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What Others Are Saying

"The competitions are challenging, gets everyone to work hard, do their best and they usually focus on a single field of study so your knowledge just keeps going up, if you were to keep joining competitions of course."

Student Felicia Sulimro, Jakarta

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"For the classes I attended, the teachers are very helpful and patient with us. I learnt the format of the competition and the questions taught there also helped me to have a deeper understanding of the topic and gave me more confidence in the competition. In school, when I encounter quite hard questions, I can also use the techniques taught in the SIMCC classes in order to successfully solve the question."

Wu JiaQi

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"SIMCC contests have benefitted me a lot. Not only did I receive many awards, I was inducted into the International  Honour Society (IJHS) and was given a lifetime IJHS scholarship which recognises outstanding students who did exceptionally well in SIMCC competitions."

Ryan Soh

"Joining SIMCC was the best thing that had happened to him. SIMCC had fast-tracked his capabilities in solving Math Olympiad questions. He had since won several awards and these achievements kept him motivated."

Mr. Soh

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"Before I started going to math competitions, my grades in school were okay. However, after my experience in Math Olympic since Grade 3, my grades have been better and i have grown a greater appreciation for math and all other subjects.

James, Thailand

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"Through SIMCC, my parents enlisted me in SASMO, SMKC, VANDA & SIMOC. Without SIMCC, I would never have gotten exposure to attend all these exams and competing against more diverse school in Singapore and other Asian countries. SIMCC not only gave me the gateway for these exams, but through enrichment classes before SIMOC, it ensured I do well in the global platform. 2019 was really a great year for me."

Arnab Mishra

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