Global Contest Tier 1: STEAM AHEAD

Mode of competition : Award Ceremony will be on Dec 4, 2023
Region : World
Eligible for Grades : Primary 1 to Junior College 2
Award : Trophy, Medal and Certicate


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM AHEAD is our initiative to
combine our international academic competitions to educate students and bring them international
exposure about possible career choices in these fields.

So, STEAM AHEAD is the first to combine 4 international academic and arts competitions in one location and
offer multiple opportunities for students to win awards. The competitions include:

1. IJMO – Math Olympiad Individual
2. VANDA Science Individual
3. VANDA Science Team
4. DrCT Individual
5. DrCT Team
6. SIAT individual


  • When will STEAM Ahead be held?
  • STEAM AHEAD will be hosted online due to covid-19 situation.
  • How do I register for STEAM Ahead?
  • SIMCC Member Development Portal – Acquire Skills and Recognition for SUCCESS.
  • Who is eligible to register for STEAM Ahead?
  • Those who achieved the following Pre-requisite:
  • IJMO - Gold/Silver for SASMO 2022, SMKC 2022, AMO 2021 or Gold/Silver/Bronze for SIMOC 2022.
  • VANDA Global Final - Gold/Silver/Bronze for VANDA International Local 2022
  • DrCT Global Final - Gold/Silver/Bronze for DRCT International Local 2022.