Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest

Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest (SMKC) is a unique competition, different from the other math competitions such as math Olympiad. Its syllabus is less advanced that other Olympiad competitions, and students can compete without any special training or advanced knowledge.

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SMKC is open to all Primary school, Secondary school, JC and Polytechnic students. Students can register from a school, if his/her school participates in SMKC or can register as an Individual Participant, if his/her school does not take part in SMKC.

  • The Contest is an individual, written, multiple-choice test.
  • The Contest will be held at the student’s own school (or at SMKC center for Individual Participants), to be administered by the assigned contact person.
  • The paper contains 30 questions (except for Primary 1 to 4 papers, which have 24 questions) with 5 choices to each problem.
  • The time allotted is 90 minutes.

The objectives of SMKC

  • To popularize mathematical enrichment activities among students and teachers in Singapore.
  • To allow students to achieve certification and recognition from an internationally prominent educational body. Students are then able to include the SMKC certificate in their portfolio to strengthen their application for universities and scholarships.
  • To expose students to interesting math problems which are designed by internationally renowned math educators.
  • To allow students to apply their knowledge in Mathematics that they learned in school