Terms and Conditions (Classes)

  1. Students are responsible for ensuring that they register for the correct class.
  2. Only registrations completed on https://simcc.org/ will be accepted. No other formats will be accepted.
  3. No amendments are allowed after you submit the online form.
  4. Replacements/substitutions are not allowed once forms are submitted.
  5. Class fees will be forfeited for participants who could not or do not turn up for the class. There will not be any makeup lessons, except for regular classes.
  6. This form is only for students who are studying in any of the MOE schools or international schools in Singapore.
  7. Deposit must be paid by credit/debit card. Deposit is not refundable.
  8. Unless stated otherwise, SIMCC owns the intellectual property and/or licensing rights of all the worksheets and other study materials distributed or used during the classes. Copying, reproducing, distributing, modifying or transmitting in any form or by any means of the abovementioned worksheets and other study materials are prohibited without the express written consent of SIMCC.
  9. SIMCC reserves the right to, and shall in its sole discretion, combine a class and change instructors.
  10. If there are less than 3 students prior to the start of the 1st lesson, SIMCC reserves the right to either offer another timeslot to the affected students or combine classes.

 Additional Terms and Conditions for regular classes

  1. By registering for the classes, you agree to commit for the full duration of the workshop that you register. No refund will be given for early termination of the workshop.
  2. Students are allowed, at SIMCC’s sole discretion, to make-up at most 1 missed lesson(out of 8 lessons) by attending another class of the same workshop during the same academic week. This is subjected to the following:
    • there is more than 1 class of the same workshop
    • the student or parent submits an official document, which is either a medical certificate or a letter from the school.
  3. If there is any change in the schedule, SIMCC will give a written notice to the students at least 1 week before the date of the affected lesson. There will only be 2 options. a) Affected students can attend a make-up lesson scheduled by SIMCC, or b) Affected students can attend another class of the same workshop during the affected week.
  4. In the event that the student could not attend the make-up lesson for any reason, there will not be any refund or transfer of the workshop fees.


The organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Holiday/Regular Classes.