Science Competitions

These competitions offer a unique platform where your children can showcase their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and mathematical prowess, giving them the confidence to excel in their academic journey. By participating in Science and Math competitions, your children receive valuable support and encouragement, further motivating them to explore the fascinating world of numbers and scientific discovery.

National Contest: VANDA International Science Competition / VANDA NATIONAL JUNIOR SCIENCE OLYMPIAD (NJSO)

Mode of competition: Online/Paper
Region: World
Eligible for Grades: Primary 3 to JC2 (Grades 3 to 11)
Award: Medal and Certificate

Global Finals : STEAM AHEAD

Mode of competition: Hosted in different SIMCC's country annually
Region: World
Eligible for Grades: Primary 1 to Junior College 2
Award: Trophy, Medal and Certificate


Mode of competition: Online/Paper
Region: World
Eligible for Grades: Primary 3 to Sec 4 (Grades 3 to 11)
Award: Trophy, Medal and Certificate

How to Register For Contests?

You will have two ways of registering your students for SIMCC contests. Kindly refer to the details below.

Option 1: Raising a service request – Index numbers are generated for you 

Below are the steps on how to upload the excel registration via the portal for registration:

1.  Login to our portal -
2. Hover over Service Request and click on the Raise Change and Service Request.
3. Fill up the necessary details and upload the excel file in the given field as shown below. For competition registrations, they
type of service requesting is registration form. In the comment box, state down the date of the competition.
4. Once all details are correct you may click on the submit button to submit your registration.

Option 2: Uploading fille to CMS to generate index numbers on your own

1. Login to our portal -
2. Click on manage competitions then participants.
3. Click on import CSV and download the template. Fill in the details of the student required in the template.
4. Select the competition you will be registering for and import the file you have downloaded and edited with the student information.
5. If there are no issues with the grades, there will be no red colored boxes. Alternatively, you can choose to filter by error and all the errors will be reflected in the first few pages. You can correct this error on the portal itself by using the drop down or
you can edit in the CSV file and re upload.
6. If there are no errors at all, the sort by error box will not appear and you may proceed to click on the submit button. Only click once and let it load completely. If there are issues with the names, once it has loaded, it will state the row where the name has an issue.
7. Once your upload is successful, you will be taken to a page where the 12-digit index numbers have been generated. You can then click on export CSV and select raw data. The file will be downloaded. The only columns you require are as follows.

Index number

All other columns can be deleted from the downloaded file. We are currently preparing videos for guidance on how this can be done. However, we will be more than delighted to arrange for a zoom call with our contest management team so that they can explain in department and help.