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About Us

Singapore International Math Contests Centre (SIMCC) is one of the largest math contests organizers in Singapore and Asia. We are committed to popularizing mathematics education through thinking games and competitions, and allowing students to interact, cooperate and build lasting bonds of friendship that transcend borders. SIMCC organizes:

  • SASMO – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad
  • SIMOC – Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (global finals)
  • IJMO – International Junior Mathematics Olympiad (global finals)
  • SINGA – Singapore Math global finals competition (global team finals)
  • AMO – American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) in the ASEAN and Greater China regions
  • VANDA – International Science competition
  • JOAQUIM, Global finals Science competition
  • AJMC – Asia Junior Memory Championship
  • BEBRAS – Singapore Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge
  • SMKC – Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest


  • Math Olympiad, Math Enrichment, Science Olympiad, Memory Champion Workshop, Memory Champion Gyms, training in our learning centre,
  • Math Events in Schools
  • Develop advanced math curriculum and logical deductive games
  • Singapore schools and franchise overseas
  • Bring students to International academic contests around the world
  • Through Singapore Scholastic Trust Teachers’ Institute (SSTTI)- offer training and certification for teachers in Singapore Math, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Science, Computational Thinking, Memory Enhancement and Pedagogy by accomplished teachers and professors
  • Through International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) – induct top students for FREE into IJHS
  • Through Young Achievers’ Leadership Academy (YALA) – train IJHS scholarship holders and other honor students on leadership