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1 Nov onwards(Private Candidates)...

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Aug 29&30...

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14 September – 26 September...

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24&25 October (All students)

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What Others Are Saying

"The competitions are challenging, gets everyone to work hard, do their best and they usually focus on a single field of study so your knowledge just keeps going up, if you were to keep joining competitions of course."

Student Felicia Sulimro, Jakarta

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"For the classes I attended, the teachers are very helpful and patient with us. I learnt the format of the competition and the questions taught there also helped me to have a deeper understanding of the topic and gave me more confidence in the competition. In school, when I encounter quite hard questions, I can also use the techniques taught in the SIMCC classes in order to successfully solve the question."

Wu JiaQi

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"SIMCC contests have benefitted me a lot. Not only did I receive many awards, I was inducted into the International  Honour Society (IJHS) and was given a lifetime IJHS scholarship which recognises outstanding students who did exceptionally well in SIMCC competitions."

Ryan Soh

"Joining SIMCC was the best thing that had happened to him. SIMCC had fast-tracked his capabilities in solving Math Olympiad questions. He had since won several awards and these achievements kept him motivated."

Mr. Soh

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"Before I started going to math competitions, my grades in school were okay. However, after my experience in Math Olympic since Grade 3, my grades have been better and i have grown a greater appreciation for math and all other subjects.

James, Thailand

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"Through SIMCC, my parents enlisted me in SASMO, SMKC, VANDA & SIMOC. Without SIMCC, I would never have gotten exposure to attend all these exams and competing against more diverse school in Singapore and other Asian countries. SIMCC not only gave me the gateway for these exams, but through enrichment classes before SIMOC, it ensured I do well in the global platform. 2019 was really a great year for me."

Arnab Mishra

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SIMCC is one of the largest academic contests’ organizers in Singapore and throughout Asia. They are committed to offering more opportunities for all students to gain international recognition through academic competitions.

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